And ok, I know it hasn’t, and much fun awaits when it actually *does* come — yay, winter. This is obviously Elsa from Disney’s Frozen, so the character isn’t mine!

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Hooked on Pan


Captain Hook, Peter Pan..

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No vote, no census

So I entered a very fun competition imagined by the British National Archives, named “Files on Film,” and was very excited when my short animated film, “No vote, No census” was awarded the second prize and featured on the National Archives website, **here!**
The idea of the competition was to choose from a selection of archive documents and make a short film about whichever document spoke to you. Very fun idea, lots of fun doing it, congrats to everyone who entered!

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Bubbly :)


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Pew pew pew

The big guns

This pic was inspired by a picture you can find online, captioned “pew pew pew”.. hence the title of this post. That picture was so cute and funny, I just had to make this. Even tiny dogs can be super fierce. ;)

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A la claire fontaine

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Fairy tales

I figured everyone could use a touch of fairy tale in their lives… so I packed a whole bunch of ‘em into this pic! As always, click for a larger view.

Hope you’ll enjoy – gotta go for now! My unicorn is waiting. ;)

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New York state of mind

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“– so long as I get somewhere,” Alice added as an explanation

Have you ever met anyone who didn’t like Alice in Wonderland? I personally love that story and was always fascinated by the whacky world and characters created by Lewis Carroll.
Here are a few doodles of Alice, just experimenting with different looks for that character.


And a couple more characters.. I made those a little while ago but never posted them. Click the thumbnails for full-size pics :) More to come!


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Under construction

Hey guys! Those of you who have known my website for a while will probably notice some change.. I could no longer resist the temptations of the siren that is the world of blogging.


Also, I figured if I could make uploading stuff any easier, it might help me be a bit less of a slacker.

(*cough* did I say slacker? I meant, overbusy with zero time to update a website.)


So here is the result – ta-daaahh! The new (temporary) face for my website. There’s quite a few glitches I still need to fix, but just give me some time to learn the ropes, figure out what that whole bloggin’ thing is about, and come back often for regular updates. Yyyeeessss, you read that right. Lots of goodies coming up.

In the meantime, check out a few older pics on this GALLERY page… And since everyone’s always been so patient I will leave you on a colourful note. This was for Hallowe’en so, yes, it’s a little late to post it here but hey, I just spent days working on this new bloggy look so I didn’t have time to scan or colour anything new :)


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